Make A Language Impact At International Trade Fairs And Expo’s

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When Does Your Own Language Get In The Way?

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Think A New Language: Think German!

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5 Fun Ways To Learn A Language No-One Ever Told You

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The Top 5 Language Learning Mistakes… and how to learn from them!

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Top 7 Language Learning Myths

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Rethinking The Teacher

Over the years, methods of teaching and how we think about the process of education has changed a lot. This is especially evident in the sphere of Business Language teaching….Weiterlesen

Ten Top Tips for learning a Language

Language learning varies from person to person and language to language. But if you read the literature, there are some very simple things you can do to make learning a…Weiterlesen

Setting Yourself Up To Succeed with Language

Modern training places a lot of emphasis on what is known as the ‘set-up’ before training. This is for good reason. The attitude, motivation and determination that we as adult…Weiterlesen

5 Hidden Business Benefits of Learning a New Language

When thinking about a language course, people generally are thinking about the language and their specific motivations for learning that specific language: visiting a new country, doing business in a…Weiterlesen

So, why are we learning English again?

Of all the staff development courses that a company can choose for employees to follow, language courses are often the hardest to motivate. For many people, language skills are kind…Weiterlesen

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